Web dev / vm server non gaming build

Approximate Purchase Date: any

Budget Range: 400-600

System Usage from Most to Least Important: web dev work, running full lamp stack ( though this could just stay on current system) as well as a few VM's for different browser / OS combos, Internet explorer5 + windows XP, windows vista + IE9/10 etc. I run photoshop in one of the VM's because adobe sucks and does not love linux.

Parts Not Required: no mouse, keyboard, monitors, need case and all that goes inside, no HD needed, but an SSD for OS would be nice

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I like newegg and pricewatch

Country: usa

Parts Preferences: prefer intel, looking at i5 2500, also prefer 8 dimm slots

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: onboard graphics or old card, never game

Monitor Resolution: currently have dual 1280x1024 + screensharre to a 1920x1200 laptop ( weird dell resolution)

Additional Comments: I do not do any gaming so graphics can be whatever onboard delivers. I would love to get more cores 4+ as with the VM's running many things start to be in parallel. I currently have an ultra small form factor dell optiplex 745 with a core 2 duo 2.66 (E6700) andd 2 gigs ram which works great until I start any VM's and then everything is slow. It has a 1.5 tb drive which can be moved to this new build to save money, I can throw the old 80 gig that came with it back into this system to run a dev web server on it.

My first choice was to upgrade this system, I can run a core2 quad Q6600 in it, but with only 2 dimm slots and no offical word from dell as to if it supports more than 1 gig sticks ( weird ultra small form factor) I do not want to buy DDR2 instead of getting cheaper faster DDR3.

Storage space is not too important, I do not store much on the system. In an ideal world I would love to get a server board with dual processors to get 8 or 12 cores + 32 gigs ram, but with my budget, I just want the most bang I can get. I will consider AMD for 6+ core system, but if 4 core is as far as the budget will go, I want to stick to intel.
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  1. forgot to mention, no need for an OS, I have a vista and an XP liccense for my virtual machines, and run Ubuntu with virtual box as my host / main dev environment.
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