Will my system handle 580 sli?

Will my system handle 580 sli without any bottlenecks?

This is my system right now. I will get the 580s very cheap tho

Cooler Master HAF X
Silver Power 750Watt Module PSU
6870 Crossfire
Amd phenom ii x4 955 3.2Ghz
Kingston ValueR 4gb 1333mhz RAM
Gigabyte 970-DA3(or something) Motherboard, 2 pci-e

New cpu? 580 sli or one 7970?
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  1. It will be okay, especially if you clock your CPU a little :). 580 SLI will outperform one 7970.
  2. But will my Psu handle it?
  3. Why are you dumping Ati 6870 CF GPU for Nvidia 580 SLi?

    If I were you, I would look @ single AMD SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7950 3GB. This card runs better and you can save a little more $$$ on other components, such as memory, which is lacking...


    Comparing the 7950 edition, it runs 4% less than 7970 in performance range. But, it still runs pretty well on modern games.

    Third, don't go for CrossFire / SLi. It's not worth the money. If you decide to buy 2 x GPU, then you will / may need to buy another PSU. Which is, in-terms, more money out of your wallet.

    Fourth, I would suggest you to add another 4GB ram to reduce stutter / lag and help system respond better if you're multitasking or playing high-end games.

    Finally, everything else looks fine and great!
  4. Quote:
    6870 CFX is a microstutter whorefest.
    7950... nowhere near the performance of 580 SLi.

    SLi / Crossfire is not a good direction. It requires more power, it's unstable and generates far more heat than a single card!
    Even worse, you may encounter driver crashes and BSOD... that happens... a lot...

    So, my suggestion, just look @ single card and play safe. Also, if he has the money, I would suggest him to buy 7970 (3GB) GPU instead of 7950 (3GB).

    The cheapest I can find for OP is "SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7970 OC". It provides Dual-Fan support, 1 x DVI, 2 x mini-display port, 1 x HDMI. Also, from my perspective, he don't have to dish a lot more for another PSU. 750W is going to be okay if he decides to run 1 x 7970 (3GB).
    Sapphire 7970 (3GB) OC

    Core Clock:

    Stream Processors:
    2048 Stream Processors

    Effective Memory Clock:

    DirectX 11

    OpenGL 4.2

    1 x HDMI

    2 x Mini DisplayPort
  5. Quote:
    Never had a single issue using GTX 480 2-way SLi.

    For you, you're lucky that it hasn't cause a problem. For others... not so fortunate. Believe me, I had two friends who is Nvidia supporter and they swear a lot when it comes to SLi setups. They got BSOD and driver crashes when gaming / multitasking with 3 monitor. :(
  6. 750 watts is a bit light for twin 580's ..... I'd opt for twin 670's (released tomorrow) which are both faster and use less power.


    It also beat the 7970 in 6/8 game tests in the review.

    Besides, I have great difficulty recommending the top card in any lineup. Two mid range cards about 2 steps down will always outperform it by a large margin and usually be cheaper to boot.

    For example.....prior to the 6xx series being released .....

    Two 560 Ti's (900 MHz) = 862 fps in Guru3D test suite for $420

    One 580 = 616 fps in Guru3D test suite for $500
    Two 580s = 953 fps in Guru3D test suite for $1000

    So the SLI choice ya choice was 40% more fps for the 560's for as opposed to a 580 which cost 20% more. And moving up to SLI's 580's gave ya just 10% more fps performance for a whopping 240 % of the cost.

    Midrange cards in SLI / CF (2nd and 3rd from top in product line are best choices) easily win the cost per frame battle with the premium card in nVidia's or AMD's product line. If ya go CF, I recommend waiting a number of months after release till AMD gets the driver issues straightened out. SLI alo oft has driver issues (i.e. BF3) but never, in my experience, to the extent that CF does.
  7. laircouk said:
    For you, you're lucky that it hasn't cause a problem. For others... not so fortunate. Believe me, I had two friends who is Nvidia supporter and they swear a lot when it comes to SLi setups. They got BSOD and driver crashes when gaming / multitasking with 3 monitor. :(

    That can happen, personally never had an issue..... but if you are going to compare the two, SLI issues are minir compared to CF.


    The past year if you have read up in our forums, AMD's Radeon team has been a step too slow with driver support. While there are monthly updates and hotfixes titles like Rage and Skyrim have been plagued by driver bugs, especially in Crossfire modes. It took AMD weeks to fix. When you drop 60 EUR on game you want to be able to play it on release day, period.

    When we relate that to our test suite with CrossfireX in mind AMD did not return with a homerun either. We had some issues, COD MW2 had a negative scaling issue, Anno 1404 refused to scale properly below 1920x1200 (though that one might have been the one title severely CPU limited) and Dirt 2 showed massive graphics corruption. We inserted Anno 1404 but didn't even bother with the other two titles hence I did not include them in the benchmark session.


    Our Crossfire experience was a mixed bag of results. When we tested the 7970 in 2-way Crossfire, we barely had any issues. With the 7950 that changed somewhat. You probably missed it in our test session, but Crysis 2 would not scale whatsoever, we had a weird freeze in Far Cry 2, Lost Planet 2 was rather unstable, Dirt 2 showed massive corruption (hence we left it out). So yeah, that's quite a bit to deal with.

    Another title that ran into problems was Battlefield 3, 2-way Crossfire worked spotless, but with 3-way crossfire we could not even get into the main menu.

    It's for reasons mentioned above that we always suggest you guys that IF you opt a multi-GPU solution, to go with 2 cards maximum. Here again we we like to say that very same thing.
  8. I've never had a problem with SLI and I've been doing SLI with 7800GT, 8800gtx 3-WAY, and now GTX 580 2-way. Here's some numbers to give you an idea as to what you need for the 580's. I have a 1000w PSU but you don't need that much, 850 will do.

    3DMark Vantage
    Striker II extreme
    2 GTX 580 Q9450 4GB memory 3.6GHz
    GPU 28241
    CPU 48144

    Sabertooth X58
    2 GTX 580 i7-950 6GB Memory 4.0GHz
    GPU 40583
    CPU 64506

    Sabertooth X79
    2 GTX 580 i7-3930K 32GB Memory 4.55GHz
    GPU 45278
    CPU 96416
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