Is my PSU powerful enough to run all of my components?

Hello, I recently purchased a system from FreshTechSolutions. I'm having some trouble with the graphics I guess and I want to know what's going on....

My GPU (AMD Radeon HD 6450) Requires 400W from the PSU to perform at it's full potential.
On top of that I have a AMD FX Quad-Core 3.6ghz CPU
I have a couple of lights on the case, also a fan on the side.
I also use an external HDD.

Should I upgrade the PSU to a higher Wattage to be able to use the hardware at it's full potential?

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  1. What PSU do you have?

    The 6450 doesn't necessarily need a 400W PSU. Depending on +12V amperage, a 300W to 400W could be more than enough.
  2. I don't no what PSU it is.
  3. Can you at least check the sticker on the side of the PSU within your case? It should at least tell us the rated amperage/wattage for each of the power rails. Report those numbers.
  4. I have checked the wattage, it says it's a 500Watt PSU, however what I'm thinking is that the graphics needs 400watts to run at it's full potential?

    500 Watts has to go round, dividing each individual component.

    The only reason I am asking is because I've looked at some videos on youtube with this card and it's playing decent games with low specs, my system is (Skipping in games) For example, if I drive a car, it starts going fast then it will skip them resume it's original speed but then it will do it again.
  5. The 6450 doesn't use anything close to 400w. 400w is what the manufacture recommends to run the entire system with that card installed. That being said the 6450 is a crap card and won't play games at anything but low resolutions at low settings.
  6. I am trying to play San Andreas MP, keep that in mind and it's skipping, so, should I upgrade the actual GPU to a better one? If so, any recommendations between 60-100 pounds?
  7. The skipping can also be lag from high ping or a slow connection. What does and type of internet connection do you have.
  8. I have a good connection. I get a ping around an average of 60 which is very good considering I have a TP-Link 300mbps USB adapter. BTW it skips in the actual game too.
  9. Sounds like you need an upgrade.
  10. Okay, so how does this sound?

    First of all I'll buy a 650-800 Watt PSU to see if it solves the problem (Might not)
    Second of all I'll buy a new GPU within the range of the PSU I buy?
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