How to eliminate white noise?

Hello, I'm new here, so please forgive the lack of know-it.

I recently bought a brand new microphone, the CO1U from Samson thinking that It would not emit white noise due to it being a high end mic. I found out that wasn't the case, I still got the white noise and this time, even louder.

I've tried various microphones now on my laptop, all of which have had the same white noise.
My laptop is the XPS 17 L702X with a internal Realtek High Definition Audio internal sound card.

Is there anyway to eliminate the sound card without post production and editing like purchasing an external sound card or a powered USB port?

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  1. The CO1U is an usb mic, so the Realtek has nothing to do with it. The white noise is typically a problem caused be recording with low level and boost the signal afterwards.
  2. So would an external sound card help reduce the noise? And I've never boosted the signal afterwards, the white noise is always there even on the default level
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