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Like i've mentioned on previous searches, i work in the multimedia industry. I working on 3d animation rendering as well as image editing. I already own a custom windows pc which i use for gaming, but i've read a mac is more suitable for my line of work. should i go for the 27inched imac or the mac pro, should i wait for the 2012 updated ones? i may be using a apple thunderbolt display or a dell 3011 or even perhaps multiple 27 inches for multitasking (who knows).

i've read online that the mac pro is more commonly used as a server, which is not why i'll be using it for. and i like the space-conserving build of the imac (all-in-one design). But my first priority is the performance, price is not an issue.
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    Eh, I'm inclined to say that a windows machine will do anything a mac can do - and probably better per dollar as well. The only difference how simple the software is to use on a Mac vs a Windows computer. Since I've only used photoshop on a windows computer, I can't comment on how much easier it would be on a mac. Personally, I had zero issues using the software, nor did I find it difficult. *shrug* That said...

    Go for the mac pro, it has the raw performance you will want (12 core version will probably be best, if the software you use can utilize all 12 cores). Just be sure to buy a quality IPS monitor (or monitors) and you'll be set.
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  3. Realize the threads already closed, but I would advise against a Mac of any kind. The components in them are outdated and ridiculously overpriced. ( A Radeon 5770 unless you upgrade to a 5870 for $220 more. 6GB of 1066Mhz RAM, if you want 8GB you need to pay $90 more. a TB hard drive for $170).

    Your better off with a Windows machine, it will perform better and wont be as ridiculously expensive for that performance.
  4. thanks for the reply!!! yea i noticed that. but there is a 2012 update of the mac pro coming out so i'm waiting for that. i already own a windows machine for gaming. perhaps i'll upgrade and use it for my work too. thanks again
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