How to install 2 different O/S in one Hard disk

How do I install two O/S (Window XP and Window 98SE) onto one hard disk drive and be able to choose which O/S to use when I turn the computer on everytime,without having them crash each time.Thank you.Or is there a site I can go to where it explains in details how to do it.
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  1. Here are a couple of articles you may find helpful.

    <A HREF=",9057,2662085,00.html" target="_new">Dual-Booting Win85/98 and Windows 2000</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Multi-Booting with Windows XP</A>

    Once both operating systems are installed, you'll be able to select between the two with a boot menu, with a default selection time of 30 seconds. It's also fairly easy to decide which operating system should be the primary OS when booting.

    I highly suggest that you install Win98SE first ... and then WinXP. You'll find the entire process to be much easier. I'd also suggest that you run the FAT32 files system on each partition, so that files from both operating system can be visible, regardless of which OS you choose during the boot. NTFS might be superior in most respects, but it can't be seen from DOS without purchasing expensive utilities.

    Helpful Hint: This one comes from troubleshooting Dual-Boot systems in the past. Don't run file system or hard drive utilities in one operating system on the partition that contains the other OS. One at a time, with a reboot in between, if you please. :wink:


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  2. Thank you, great help.Happy new year to everybody in the community.
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