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ive read a bit on windows 8 but am unshur if its worth upgrading from 7 to 8, can someone list me the pros and cons of windows8 compared to win7 thanks
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  1. stick with 7...and yes it IS more stable...
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    If your gonna make the jump - do it by the end of the month - it's only $39 now. I did and have no regrets. Win 8 is super stable. There is a learning curve - 15 or 20 minutes. It's really easy to get around in (unless you are learning impaired) The desktop mode is the same as Win7 and that's where I spend 95% of the time.
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  4. I use Win 8 and tbh it ain't bad but is it worth upgrading over Win 7.... No chance!
  5. thanks for the feedback.
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