Will a Q6600 bottleneck a GTX 660 ti? What about OC'd?

Hey there, I've got this old rig at the moment with a Q6600 @ stock 2.4 ghz and a 9800gt, and i'm planning on upgrading to an MSI Power Edition GTX 660 ti OC.

My question is this: Will that CPU bottleneck the GTX 660 ti? and If so would it still bottleneck the GPU if i Overclocked to say, around 3 or 3.2 ghz?


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  1. There is always a bottleneck....

    Aim for 3.5ghz+ that should alleviate some bottlenecking.
  2. Yeah i figured there would always be a little bottleneck at least, i'm planning on using a Coolermaster Evo 7 or a 212 for overclocking though, I don't want to go into watercooling territory, would 3.5 be stable enough?
  3. Every chip is different. You have to play around to find how much your chip can take.
  4. OK thanks :) thinking of upgrading to a 3570K or even a 3770K (Video rendering so the hyperthreading helps) if i can later down the line
    Although i could possibly get intel's newest chip out in 2013.
  5. Wait until Haswell, it's the most optimal upgrade from a Core 2 Quad.
  6. Okay then thanks :)
  7. amuffin said:
    Wait until Haswell, it's the most optimal upgrade from a Core 2 Quad.

    Its probably good advice. How can you say its the most optimal upgrade though? We don't know how much it will cost or how much better it will be if it is better.
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