Cooler Master Haf XM & Corsair H100

Is it possible to put the H100 inside in a push configuration without removing removing the 200mm fan at the top?
I have searched till the hundredth page in google and haven't found any accurate answer. If someone could please tell me if this is possible or better yet, show me some pics of it. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me.

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  1. Don't get the H100, there are much better coolers out there that are cheaper.
  2. Sorry but I'm from Chile, there is not many good cpu coolers here. I need to know if this configuration is possible, I don't have many options left.
  3. Do you have the Noctua NH-D14 or Phanteks TC-14PE?
  4. Nop, there was stock like 5 months ago, i called some shops and they are not planning on bringing new ones any time soon. Maybe the frio extreme from thermaltake? is it good to keep a i7 3770k oc at 4.5 ghz in a 30°+ ambien temperature? Anyway, the H100 and the Frio Extreme have like 7 dollars price difference.
  5. "30°C+"*
  6. no new answers =(
  7. No you can't do it since there's not enough space unless you get really thin fans. And if you are going to mount that you might as well get 140mm or 120mm quiet fans to do the pulling. And if you can get your hands on H80, H80i, Antec Kuhler 920 or Zalman LQ320 then do that and mount it on the rear exhaust fan. There's very neglible difference between those 4 I just mentioned compared to H100 in performance and you save money too. Cheers!
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