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I just made my new computer, but it keeps freezing. I have searched around and people with the same problem usually attribute it to their RAM. My RAM is 1.35v, and it says that it works at 1.35v or 1.5v. In my bios I cannot find RAM except in the overclocking section, and it is set at auto. Should I set the RAM at 1.35v or at 1.5v? Or should I use OC Genie, and let it overclock automatically so it can set the RAM frequency automatically?

Sorry, don't know if this should be posted in New Build or Memory.

- Intel Core i7 3930k @ 3.2GHz
- MSI X79 GD65 (8d)
- Samsung 2x4GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600MHz, 1.35v
- Hitachi 1TB HDD 7200rpm
- Kingwin 850W Power Supply
- Nvidia Geforce 250 GTS
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  1. Have you tried to start the PC with just 1 stick of memory installed to test if that problem still happens?
  2. I did not attempt that yet, but when I first was building it, I used certain slots and the PC would boot and constantly keep shutting. Then I changed the slots and it started to boot up. So I am thinking it is most probably ram.
  3. it sounds like the ram; try to install with 1 stick in the appropriate slot and see if your system is stable then add the other one in the slot and see if you are still stable
  4. I switched them around, but at the end I put them at the same spot because the computer doesn't boot from the other slots, but at the moment, so far so good :)

    Nope, still froze, :(
    Should I change volatge?
  5. is the pc stable with 1 ram stick installed? if not, then i would rma the ram and try another set
  6. I tried with one ram stick and it still has the freezing problem, should I try another set of samsung ram or should I buy another set of ram either then samsung?
  7. if you have another set of dual channel ram, yes try that
  8. run mem test off of a usb(you have to boot the usb you put it on[boot menu])
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    if you go throgh with no errors it will look like this

    if there are errors it will look like this

    you will want to boot off of one mem at one time once on each boot in primary spot boot off usb with mem test and run it it will take about 45 minutes per RAM stick

    In the case that you get errors you will have to get new ram because ram should have no errors if the ram is ok then the computer not working in the begging could have been cause by bad ram ports aka- motherboard problems... in each case send it back and get new one... if both look fine update your bios
    download the latest version and install in bios... if none of this works please post there must be a hardware problem... but untill we rule this stuff out then don't panic
  10. sorry i meant boot of one stick at a time and be sure to put the stick in the primary RAM bus
  11. Okay, I will try it and post back to tell results
  12. ok see you in 2 hours :P
  13. I did the RAM check and 0 errors, though I am still doubtful, so I am using my other computers DDR3 ram to see if it still runs, will post back to tell if it works.
  14. ok
  15. Well, my other computers RAM also did not work, and that RAM never froze on me before, can it be concluded that it is a motherboard problem because the memtest also confirmed that the RAM is perfectly fine.
  16. you tested your psu... but yes.. atcually try the hard drive from your other computer see if it still freezes
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  18. So sorry but what ended up being the problem?
  19. I updated the bios and seems to work fine :)
  20. haha yeah that seems to be a big fixer :)
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