Seeking Help Please

Hi there,

I want to ask a question that i might need in the future.

My current system is:

Processor - Intel Core i7 950 3,66Ghz

Graphic Card - Nvidia GeForce GTX465

Memory - Corsair Dominator 3x2Gb 1666Mhz

Motherboard - Asus Rampage Gene

Power Supply - Coolermaster RealPower 620w

Now the question is that if i "ever" get the money to change something in that system.

What is needed to upgrade from what i mentioned? That is my current system and i might be able upgrade in the future if i get the cash so please tell me what is normal and what is needed of an upgrade.

Last question:

On almost every single game i play with that system,my fan really starts spinning fast. Now i am not sure if its the CPU or the GPU fan. But i am pressuming its the GPU fan.

^Is there any reason why it is so loud?

Thank you very much.
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