Powers on, off after 2 secs- 4 beeps, repeats

I have a new build that isnt working, when I hit power button it starts to cycle on, fans spin, then turns off within ~2 seconds, stays off 2 secs, then repeats.

History- new build, has not worked

CPU: i5-345
Mobo: MSI H67
GPU : XFX 6870
RAM: 2x4gb 1600mhz ram
PSU: Antech 400w HCG bronze 80
Case: Bit Fenix Outlaw
SSD: Crucial m4 128gb
HDD: 2tb segate

Steps I have tried:
1. Went through no post checklist on other thread, tried all steps
2. Disassemble/reassembled everything
3. Reset CMOS via battery removal
4. Tried different powersupply (dynex 400w)- no change
5. Removed Ram, tried 1 stick (each tried by itself)
6. Breadboarded

I think this means I have a bad mobo- but before I order another online I figured I would see if any other ideas to try. Thanks for any and all help

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  1. when you bread boarded did you turn it on using the front panel switch on the case, or by shorting the two start button pins on the mb with a screwdriver ?

    At this point I'd suspect a faulty case power button, even though its seems to be indicating a memory error
  2. Oh, I forgot one thing, the motherboard speaker beeps 4 times when turning on, then cycles off, which seems to indicate system timer failure.

    I tried with power button- but I will take it apart and re-bread board using screwdriver tonight

    Edit- I just took it apart for breadboard again- and tried it by jumping pins with screwdriver... still same 4 beeps, turns on, then right back off.
  3. Have you tried without the graphics card , and the monitor connected directly to the motherboard video output ?
  4. Yeah, I tried that- no change... :(
  5. Hi, I have exactly the same issue with a pc i just built, i turn it on, beeps 4 times, powers itself down after 2 seconds, then powers up again..

    Did you ever find out what the issue was?
  6. anyone know what would cause this to happen?
  7. 4 beeps generally indicates a hardware failure (not always bad, may just be misplaced). Try taking all the RAM out and placing it back in firmly (requires more pressure than you may think).

    Make sure the PSU plugs are in the right way - I know it sounds silly but you never know. Also make sure it is plugged into the mobo correctly.

    Here's something. You should have two plugs going from your PSU to your mobo - one 20-24 pin (the big main one) and one 4+4 or 8pin for the CPU. If this is not connected then your CPU is not receiving power and will not work. Many people forget this, so make sure you plug that in.
  8. Sorry I never posted the conclusion, but my issue ended up being a bad motehrboard. Elimated all other problems, set up the breadboard, finally got a replacement mobo and it worked like a charm.

    I did learn from my first experience and breadboarded the bulild before installing in my case instead of having to disassemble and breadboard to troubleshoot.

    Good luck with your issue.

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