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I currently want to get 2 radeon 7950's to run in crossfire (no comments about drivers on crossfire). But I only have a fx4100. I know that it will probably bottleneck the gpu's. But how big of a bottleneck will it be. I play all types of games on pc. So how much of a bottleneck would I see in a typical game. And how much bottleneck would I see in cpu intensives games such as skyrim, the ac series, the witcher, ect, ect.
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  1. mm The GPU's should provide playable framerates for most of those games. Although with a cpu like that, you would probably have stuttering and some freezes. Maybe. But since that GPU is so good, If you put the detail and res high enough, it should take long enough for the GPU to do it's magic that the CPU doesn't have to majorly struggle to keep up..

    A better CPU would help, piledriver is better than bulldozer. Might as well not buy two 7950s, and just buy a better piledriver CPU to go along with your GPU.
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