Windows XP bluescreen error

Hi all, I have an old pc with these configurations,
P4 2.4ghz, 1GB DDR RAM , 845 mobo , an 80GB IDE HDD, a 250GB SATA HDD, Nvidia Geforce 5200 256MB.

And here's my situation.
I had my OS (xp sp2) installed on the 80GB HDD, it was working well since I installed it an year ago. Then I bought this Nvidia geforce 5200 card and installed its drivers. I could play games well and one day my OS shows this blue screen saying some ntfs.sys error. So i installed XP again on the 250GB sata HDD. after 2 days , it shows the same blue screen with different error messages. One time it boots into XP well and i could play games and watch movies well, and next time it shows the blue screen on startup with a different error message than the previous one , like "try removing video adapters........" one time and "try removing antivirus programs, defragmentation tools" the next time. I think it shows all possible error codes every time. most of the times it would boot into desktop without troubles.

any help or advice to resolve my problem would be much appreciated.
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  1. So what kind of troubleshooting have you done?

    Have you tested the memory with memtest86?

    Have you run hard disk diagnostics?

    Have you tried removing all your video drivers and starting fresh with the newest driver from
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