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Considering Radeon Hd7850 for Desktop system for both gaming and dual display photo processing. Calibrating two different monitors requires two seperate LUT's (Look up Table) to store the unique monitor profile for each. Does the HD7850 have dual LUT's and if not can you recommend one that does.?
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  1. http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/article_pages/dual_monitor_calibration.html

    I wil start by saying that I don't know what a LUT is but I do know how to find things and info and in this post is a couple of links that may help you and in reading some of the posts in different forums it appears that newer video cards have the dual Lut feature and that would include the 7850.

  2. Inzone :
    I had read the dpreview thread before and came away from it thinking the assumption was any video card with two output connections has dual LUT's but wanted more than an assumption before I purchased it. Evidently calibrating different monitors in a dual monitor gaming environment isn't a large consideration but it is if you want correct print output from photo processing. Would like to find a knowledgeable contact point to find our for sure before I purchase. Thank you for your help.
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