Will this cause any severe damage to the case?

I recently finished building my rig a few days ago but due to poor planning and very little room to store wires in the case, there is a slight bulge on the side panel. After screwing in the screws to fasten the side panel, the bulge is at the bottom as well as the top. At the bottom, the bulge measures about 3mm - 3 1/2 mm. At the top, the bulge is about 1/2 mm.

The case is an antec 1200 v3.

I don't want to have to take half the stuff in the case out to manage the wires again. And even if i did, i don't think i can manage it much better.

However, I'm worried that due to the tension, over time the side panel will be permanently bent or even pop?
Am I underestimating the case? Will a bulge that small cause anything over time?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I wouldn't assume so, however, thats $160 dollar case, I'm assuming you're the one that caused the damage, but depending on how ethical you are, I'd be contacting Antec (or where ever you bought it from) and telling them I received it damaged from shipping
  2. Sorry i guess it wasn't clear. There's no damage on the case right now. The side just bulges a bit due to wires.

    Would the small bulge cause damage in the future or am i underestimating the case?
  3. Probably not, no. But there is a concern that pinching wires can shorten their life. Honestly, I would take my time and wire it right. Although I guess thats hypocritical on my part since my unused PSU wires are all laying on the bottom of the case, but my wires aren't pinched off and cramped up in tiny spaces to the point that they're pushing on my case. You invested quite a bit of money in your system, why not take the time and do it right? You should have plenty of space in that case for wire management.

    See, it may not look pretty, but theres definitely no issues that could cause problems.

  4. It looks something like this but with overlapping wires clustered around the center area.


    I've routed all of my wires through the compartment to avoid blockage of air flow. However, the wires are just long enough to reach whatever it is, psu, mobo, drives, etc. Consequently, my wires are clustered and overlap quite a bit. The wires push up against the side panel making it bulge a bit when i close it.

    If there's tension on the side panel to the point where it bulges 3 1/2mm at the bottom, should i be worried?
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