Hard-ware assisted virtualization AMD FX-8120


Hi, I'm trying to set up VDI on Windows Server 2012 VMs running on Hyper-V.

The compatibility check for the Virtualization Host server failed with "Hardware-assisted virtualization is not present on the server".

I'm running an FX-8120 CPU and have the ASUS M5A97 motherboard.

I know I'm supposed to enable No-Execute (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc816844(v=WS.10).aspx) but I cannot find that or any other synonyms of it in my motherboards UEFI BIOS (NX, XD, EVP, XN... nothing).

Also I tried to disable AVX in cmd with "bcdedit /set xsavedisable 1" to make sure it wasn't this issue:

Can you offer a suggestion?

Thank you
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  1. I did however just find this:


    which in short says "Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 requires that systems must have processors that support NX, and NX must be turned on for important security safeguards to function effectively and avoid potential security vulnerabilities."

    this leads me to believe NX is on by default if I was able to install Windows Server 2012 on it...

    Here's something else:


    My FX-8120 is on that list so that also shouldn't be the issue...

    Running out of ideas..
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