Changing a 9600GT for a 440 GT - Is it even possible?

Hello everyone,, just yesterday my hard disc crashed and im currently on a old laptop (512mb memory, 1,77ghz single core :lol: :lol: )
anyways this weekend im about to order a new hard disc but thats not why im here...I was really surprised how cheap (70eur) the 440GT is for the power it has (2GB of memory, etc etc)and decided to order a new graphics card aswell...however im scared of ordering it since it might not fit / work.....
the reason that the 9600GT (if im correct) is a DDR2 ...and the GT440 is GDDR3 or something like that....does that even matter?

what should I check to see if the card will fit in and will work properly? IF it doesnt fit and I wont be able to use it....can you guys recommend some good graphics card that are not outdated, has a fair price and will fit-in?

if the motherboard matters...its a ASUS PK5PL-CM
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  1. It will work. The speed of the graphics ram has nothing to do with compatability. If the 9600gt fit, so will the 440
  2. Of course it will work, but you'll never use 2GB, it's a gimmick. The card isn't powerful enough to use 2GB.

    The gimmick is people like yourself will think the 2GB card is better than the 1GB card, but it's not, it's MUCH slower because it uses MUCh slower ram.

    This is how they get rid of their old stock of DDR3 chips that they can't sell.

    I'd suggest a 1GB DDR5 card, it'll be much faster.
  3. What power supply do you have and what is your price range. You can certainly switch out your 9600gt for a gt 440 if you want to. GDDR2 is slower than GDDR3 which is slower than GDDR5. Measure from the front of the pci-e slot to the hard drive bay and that is the max length your new card can be. Unless you have a low profile case, any card should fit that since they are a standard height.
  4. alrighty, thanks guys....really didnt know that ddr thingy matters that much....was thinking just about the I guess i should go with the zotac gt440 that is ddr5? only 10 bucks difference so it doesnt really matter ...
  5. What's the price of the Radeon HD 6670 GDDR5??

    It's a better card than both of those NVidia ones. I'd go for the Radeon HD 6670 instead.

    Disclaimer: I'm not an AMD nor a Nvidia fanboy. My previous card was a Geforce, my current one is an AMD :P
  6. I love how people get sucked in by the 2 gb trick...
  7. calyptus said:
    I love how people get sucked in by the 2 gb trick...

    I know especially on ultra low end cards. Even the HD 6950 couldn't utilize a full 2GB of memory and the 1GB version was faster, even though they were both DDR5.
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