What brand to buy "hd4650"

What brand has the best card and warrenty thanks
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  1. I wouldn't buy any HD4650, to be honest. That is many generations old and there are much better alternatives, even if you are on a budget.

    What is your price range?
    What do you plan on doing with the card?
    What resolution do you run on your monitor?
    What are your PC components?
  2. Nvm i bought the hd4350

    Yeah i wouldnt buy it either but these are the only compatable gpus for my inspiron 560

    Nvr buying dell again!
  3. Why, cause of the psu?

    What does that have to do with Dell? They provide a psu that powers the components that came with the computer, they are not going to give you a 1000w psu for future upgrades, I mean cmon get real.
  4. You should be able to run anything that powers from the PCI x16 slot, including the newer 7xxx series. Where did you find limited capability for GPUs?

    Here is a post on Tom's talking about running a 56xx card:


    Yeah, I would cancel that order and get yourself something that is much better.

    BTW, it isn't Dell's fault. I have numerous Dells at home, one that is running SLI GTX260s w/ stock power supply. It is the decision to purchase that computer, that was designed to run what was purchased with it, that you should be questioning. Not the manufacturer.
  5. You cant even upgrade the psu sherlock...
  6. Can those models even fit in the tower?
  7. MDXX said:
    You cant even upgrade the psu sherlock...

    Sure you can noober, but it takes brains. I suggest you get help from the forum.

    You also have many other video card choices, even some more modern cards, but I don't help people who act like immature punks.

    Good luck.
  8. Thats fine. Someone else helped me =] and i wasnt being a punk

    Its a internet joke lol

    Well im going to cancel that orderband pick up the 6670

    How will that run most games?
  9. Eh lol im doing 1080p

    Well beats onboard graphics
  10. Just mainly for wow

    I have a ps3 for other stuff.
  11. The HD6670 will play many games with "decent" settings at 1920x1080, especially older titles.

    By "decent," I mean medium (which looks pretty good on modern games) to high, probably without AA. If the game is good, it will be enjoyable.
  12. How much more power does the gddr5 use over the gddr3?
  13. Ok well i just bout the HD6670 GDDR5 89$ and free shipping

    wont complain :) THanks everyone!
  14. Have fun; I think you will be pleased.
  15. I think i will also:)

    Onboard graphics blow!

    I doubt it but could this card run AutoCAD?
  16. I'm sure it will run, but it won't offer the sort of acceleration a true workstation card offers; that's why they are so much more expensive. You'll just have to try it and see how it does.
  17. Anything i should know before installing card? Ive never done this... or does all i need to know come in the box?
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