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Which GPU with i5 3550 CPU? Get now or wait for more 600 series?

I'm scoping out a new build, including an i5 3550, most likely, with an H77 or Z77 motherboard. Wondering which GPU you'd recommend for 1680x1050 resolution, perhaps using Skyrim as an example "target" game. Otherwise, I'm not a heavy gamer but like to enjoy it from time to time. My current system runs with an old but faithful 8800GT. Worth mentioning that I would care that the card is not TOO noisy, given a choice.

I've been thinking about 560, 560Ti... Somebody recommended me a Radeon 7850. I've liked nVidia more than ATI over the last few years, but I can be persuaded otherwise if it makes sense.

My motherbaord will likely support PCI-E 3.0, but I don't know if I really need to be concerned with that for the system I'm considering.

Also... Since I will have IvyBridge onboard video as an option, I *could* potentially just get everything else WITHOUT the GPU, use it for regular daily stuff, and wait a little longer until the 660 or similar cards come out. Would that be a wise thing to do?
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    Honestly you wont need anything more than a 7850 for that resolution, even to max out Skyrim. And I would for sure recommend that 7850 over a 560 or 560ti.

    The 7850 will be a cool, low power and quiet card for you, and is priced pretty nicely, especially when you find one on sale.
  2. Yeah, I have no doubt that 7850 is a better card, comparison-wise. I wouldn't mind going with a slightly slower card if it's also cheaper and STILL gives me very good results in games like Skyrim. But I didn't know it's quiet and low power. Good to know.

    What about waiting for 660? How would that change the playing field? Maybe the prices would drop further of 7850 or 560ti's?

    Also... Any major, general differences between geforce and radeon that I should be aware of? I know there are nuances, but anything really important? I've been using nvidia for almost 10 years now, and I've been generally happy with their cards, as well as software options/controls for those cards.
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