Can I Upgrade My Processor With This Mobo?

So I have a mobo, which is a Gateway MCP61SM2MA (Socket AM2 )

And I have a processor I'd like to get, which is:

Would my mobo support the processor? And would the processor be good enough for games such as Arma II and Call of Duty: MW3?

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  1. yes it will but u need lga 1155 motherboard
  2. That processor is great for gaming but... it is an Intel processor and the motherboard you have is an AMD motherboard - they are not close to being friendly. For a processor that motherboard will support, go to this page
    and you find that the following processors are supported: "Supports socket AM2 for AMD® Athlon™ 64X2 Dual Core, Athlon 64, and Sempron™ processors". They are not specific about processor models but do not show any AM2+/AM3 or AM3+ processors as being supported.
    Hope it helps some
  3. The socket that you require is an 1155 socket motherboard, and the motherboard you currently have is an AM2 socket motherboard (which, also, is entirely different family of processors altogether).

    You will need a new motherboard in order to support the processor that you are looking for.

    Also, while that will be sufficient to run the games that you wish, I would not recommend that processor; I would recommend a quad-core processor, such as the Intel i5 3570K Ivy Bridge processor (which is the one that I have recently purchased). Games are becoming more-and-more reliant on the extra two cores, so it will be of great benefit to make the transition from dual-core to quad-core. It may require more time (if you need to save money), however it will be worth it in the end.

    Send me a message if you are interested in figuring out what kind of motherboard/processor you would like, and I will help you out.
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