I need help fixing my old rig.

Ok i was hooking up my old rig to get it ready to sell to a friend,it was working last week when i had carefully taught myself to overclock.

My screen i had it hooked up to,without anything hookup is right now power light is green,and i am getting the no signal warning,now when i hook it up,and start the rig,the power light on the screen is orange,and the screen is black,and that is all that happens with the screen.

I have tried running with just cpu+hsf+gpu+ 1 stick of ram,and the same happened,i have tried switching video cards,and the same happened, i have also tried the paper clip trick with the powersupply and it's fan spins up,also when i have it all hooked up like normal all the fan spin up 3 diff mobo lights come on.

I have run out of steps that i know of to do.

What should i do now?

EDIT: here are the specs of the old rig:
Case :Ultra E-Torque ATX Mid-Tower Case
Motherboard :XFX nForce 680i LT SLI
Video card :EVGA GeForce GTX 460 SE
Hard Drive :Western Digital 320GB IDE 7200rpm
Power supply :Ultra X-Pro 600w SLI Ready
Processor :Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad Q9450
CPU Cooler :CoolIT Systems Domino ALC
Memory :2x2GB Patriot Viper DDR2 1066MHz
Monitor :17" Dell CRT
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  1. nekulturny said:
    The first thing you can do is list the full specs of the system.

    Sorry i forgot about that,i have jsut edited it.
  2. When you taught yourself how to overclock what did you do? Are you sure you didn't jack the voltages up and fry something? I don't mean to sound suspicious, but for some reason "carefully teaching yourself" raises hairs on the back of my neck. It sounds like from your description that the machine was working fine up until you did this.
  3. Ok when i was learning to overclock i was careful when raising the voltage(i never went higher than 1.375v) which i think is one step higher than intel's reccomend safe voltage,and i never kept it there for long,cause it would not fully boot into windows, at that voltage and at 3.6ghz,the lowest setting i could get it to boot at is 3.2ghz with a voltage of 1.325v

    Also it was working just fine,and i had set it back to stock speeds,and it kept working fine,and it was working fine for a few days after,then i unhooked and set it off to the side so i could fix my mom's pc(which it's video card had blown caps)and now it does not work.

    Also i check that check list you linked me to and most of them either were not pertanet,or i have already done,or i did and it did not work.
  4. Alrite, are you sure you didn't loosen a wire when you unhooked it? Have you tried re-seating all the components? The video card? BTW, "loosen", is that right? I've been drinking tonight... :lol:
  5. Not that i know of,cause all i did was unplug the cords from the back,and moved the case over 2 feet,i have tried re-seating everthing but the cpu+cooler.

    And yes i think you said it right,but i am not 100% sure lol.

    EDIT:i was thinking my psu in it is an ultra x-pro 600w,and i wonder if mabye the PSU could not handle me overclocking and killed the PSU,i don't have a spare PSU with enough power to test the system. do you know of a way i can test it with out another psu?

    EDIT#2: Ok i think i got it working agian,i ended up unplugging every PSU cord in the case,and then plugged them back in,and it booted in bios safe mode(it's weird cause i had tried removing the cmos battery before and it did not work),and then i set the bios back defualt.

    So my did not like my overclock at all lol.
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