Any fully-modular PSU <500w?

Like title says, wondering if there's any fully-modular PSU's for HTPC cases that are low wattage. Haven't been able to find any so just wondering if anyone has suggestions. I don't even have a GPU in there so I really need a small amount of power. Thanks!
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  1. Check ebay or your local craigslist. I saw a listing for an enermax 400w modular for $30 awhile back. I doubt you'll find new ones lower than 500w. Stick with familiar brands, such as antec, corsair, ocz, enermax, seasonic, and xfx. European models may be branded differently.
  2. silverstone has a 450w 80+ gold psu. its sfx but has an atx adapter. its $93.99 on amazon last i checked
  3. Hey thanks a lot for the posts everyone. The one that emperor piehead posted was very close to what I wanted. Unfortunately this form factor will not work for me, even with the atx adapter. I'm using the Silverstone GD08B case and the psu fan is oriented to the side of the case, not the bottom. So if I were to use this PSU, I wouldn't be able to access the plugs since it will be pointing at the bottom of the case.
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  5. excella1221 said:

    Nice, I wish there were lower wattage PSUs that were fully modular but 500 or so seems the minimum. Guess I'll just go with the 500w, thanks!
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