Need help idenftiying why my computer keeps crashing

So last year I built this system, and all up until now, the system was running perfectly. Now at any time with no given warning it will crash, emit a loud bothersome noise from the speakers and show a blackish screen and become unresponsive, any suggestions to fixing or at least identifying what is wrong would be greatly appreciated!

My build :
Asus m5a99x evo motherboard
Amd phenom ll x6 1100t @ 3.3ghz ( with corsair h70 CPU cooler)
16gb 1333 gskill ram
HIS ice q radeon hd 6950 2gb
Corsair force series gt 180gb ssd
western digital 500gb hdd
Antec 1000w power supply
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  1. That really bites, man. It sounds like your motherboard is dying, bro. =c Thats a nice motherboard, too.. if you have a friend with compatible parts, you COULD try plugging his or her components into YOUR motherboard for testing, if they'll let you.

    Actually, before you even consider that, check your graphics card and your SSD. Corsair SSD's for some reason often were involved in these kinds of problems. I did some reasearch on your issue and included "ssd" into the search and found a couple things kind of like yours and they happened to have corsair SSD's.

    What I found more commonly was people saying that your GPU is dying. I would run a benchmark on your GPU. If it fails and you crash every time you do this, its your graphics card.

    Move your data to a hard drive (games, what not) and free up lots of space on your SSD. If it doesn't crash anymore, its likely your SSD.

    Good lucck branden :I
  2. What would you recommend I use to benchmark my gpu with? Should the gpu not be the issue I'll try unplugging the ssd and see if there is any noticeable difference, but thank you for your quick reply
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