HDMI audio without S/PDIF headers on motherboard

I have a media server setup, had to replace old components with less old, and have run into a problem with my audio. Previously, the graphics card took in audio from S/PDIF header pins on the motherboard. The new motherboard has no such pins.

I have an Intel DQ35JO motherboard and a cheap graphics card that needs replacing (Fan has stopped spinning). I would be looking for a cheap, passively cooled card if possible.

What chipset series should I be looking for to give me the audio over HDMI when there are no S/PDIF headers to tie in to?
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  1. GPUs in the HD 5xxx and GT4xx series (and later) could do DTS-HD/Dobly TrueHD so in your shoes i would snag a cheap passively cooled HD 5450 HDMI assuming we aren't talking a gaming rig here hehe
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