Just need a final opinion for my new gaming rig

Hello guys, if someone can take sometime and just tell me if this is gonna be a solid gaming rig. I do not overclock and currently I have a 22" inch monitor but prolly in the future I will go for something bigger. My budget is roughly 1000€ aka 1300$ but that was my top limit and I seem to have overdone it a bit :P

But I have the option to remove the Baracuda disk, buy a cheeper mobo and remove the Agility 3, but on the other hand if I'm buying a total fresh new rig after 6 years I think it deserves those things :)

Anyway my rig:

1x Intel Core i5 3550 3.3GHZ 6M LGA1155 BOX
1x GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H, LGA1155, Z77
1x Corsair DDR3 8GB PC1600 (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8)
1x Seagate1TB SATA 6Gb/s 7200 64MB 3,5" Barracuda ST1000DM003
1x OCZ Agility 3 90GB 2.5" SATA3 MLC
1x Corsair 500W CX2 (CMPSU-500CXV2EU)
1x Cooler Master CM-690 II Advanced (USB 3.0) RC-692A-KKN5

Basicly just tell me its good go fricking buy it already :P cos I been reading forums, review, techs for over 2 weeks now and I'm going nuts already. So just is it good will everything work together etc...

And please no go AMD :P

Thanks so very much guys
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  1. You can downgrade the mobo since you're not overclocking. Otherwise well done.
  2. Thanks FinneousPJ I love ya! :)

    sidenote: It cant hurt to have a bit better mobo right?
  3. looks good to me. I'lll suggest a mobo and ssd change:

    either this mobo:
    or this:

    the MSI is $30 cheaper, the Gigabyte is $20 cheaper.

    use the savings for this larger 120 GB SSD:

    you can also save another $30 with this video card

    its clocked lower, but you can overclock to match, and XFX will cover that in their double lifetime warranty
  4. Well I figured if you're slightly over budget it wouldn't hurt to downgrade it.
  5. psikoza said:
    Thanks FinneousPJ I love ya! :)

    sidenote: It cant hurt to have a bit better mobo right?

    Nah just use the money your saved on the mobo for something else. What GPU will you be using?
  6. psikoza said:
    Thanks FinneousPJ I love ya! :)

    sidenote: It cant hurt to have a bit better mobo right?

    (I saw your GPU)
    check out the core i5 3450
  7. one more question i just noticed that the i5 3550 has intergrated graphics and the ud3h has intergrated graphics. are these two the same two things, cause the only reason im buying a motherboard with igc is if my GFX dies, so I can still use the computer.

  8. Actually the mobo doesn't have integrated graphics, only the CPU.
  9. you can use it, but wont be able to game on it
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