Upgrading from Radeon HD 5670 512mb

I need help on choosing a good card to upgrade from my Radeon HD 5670 512mb.
Only reason is to be able to play WoW better, with the card I have i can run 10 man raids with high settings (not ultra) at about 40-50 FPS, but I recently started doing 25 mans and during some phases I'm getting all the way down to like 8 FPS.

Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 630
motherboard: AMD 780L
600w power supply
1920x1080 resolution monitor

My price range would be between $100-$150 total.
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    your best bet is a radeon 6870. here's one below, but there's many to choose from. note, xfx offers the best warranty (lifetime)

    if you really don't like mail-in rebates, you can step down to a 6850:

    the above two cards will play just about everything that's out there, granted you'll need to tone down the graphics settings a bit for a few titles
  2. If I got the 6870 one, would it make a big difference from what I'm running with currently?
  3. Yes, you'd see a huge performance increase with the 6870.
  4. Cool. What about ram? I currently have 4gbs, would I need to upgrade that to play the game better too?
  5. Check out these links for "Approximate" performance gains.
    (I too have a 5670 and I'm in the same boat. I'm seriously considering this option.)
  6. judging by your system, I assume you're running 32-bit version of windows? in which case it'll be just fine. you can upgrade to 8GB, but it won't make a big difference
  7. It says 64 bit operating system.
    and thanks for all the info guys. I'm going to go with the 6870 and hopefully that'll fix the low frame rate issue during those high spell effect phases.
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