Cpu fan fit in Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Motherboard?

hey ive got acer aspire x5400 with amd Athlon ii x3 445 processor ive put all my components in a new case, the cpu fan if not the original one for some reason its more like and its not a clip on one.


Ive ordered a new motherboard and want to use my processor ive got now but can my cpu fan fit? its got a square metal bracket at the back but im sure the asus motherboard is diffrent :(
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  1. Thats an Intel heatsink/fan for Socket T (LGA775), you need a AMD AM2/AM3/AM3+ heatsink like this -


    Return the heatsink if you can and buy one that is compatible with AM2/AM3 sockets.
  2. i cant return it, its what came inside the pc, i brought new case etc, i havnt got a clue what name of the monther board ive got at the moment but i know its am3 socket aswell as ddr3 so im abit :S because asus motherboard is am3 aswell so i fort it would fit intill i looked at the fan and i noticed its not the original fan for an amd processor. so ill have to buy one right?
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