Are the Corsair GS brands PSU reliable?

I am planning to buy a new Power supply and I was looking at corsair brand, the cheapest they have is GS followed by TX. Is it reliable?
My initial thoughts is spend a little more and go with the TX series. My target watt is between 750-850 watts
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  1. yeah the Corsair Gaming Series GS800 800W good PSU
  2. umm I would say they are not so reliable. Corsair only starts to get good staring from the TX series.

    Get a Seasonic S12II series PSU instead. They have solid build quality and last a long time
  3. I agree with above comment to a certain extent anyways not worth the cost given quality is fair not good or bad.I seen a review that claimed those psu passed the test i still don't believe that given the barley acceptable quality can justify price.
  4. What are the specs of your system?
    What is your budget?

    Agree that there are usually better options available than the GS series.
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