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My power supply is making a whistling noise. It's still working ok, but starts to make the noise about 10 minutes after booting to windows. The fan starts at boot but after that just stops. I thought the noise was a fan or HDD but definitely coming from the PSU. My last one (a corsair CX500) blew after a couple of months. This one is a Corsair GS600 and it's barely 2 weeks old. I don't want to use it too much in case it goes as well, and i don't want to damage the rest of my PC. Is there anything I could do to make it stop? What about a surge protector? Please help!
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  1. Also, now it seems to be making a buzzing/gurgling sort of sound. I checked the BIOS and it said that the fan was turning (jumps from 1250RPM to 62500RPM) but it's not turning apart from afew seconds when the machine starts. Any ideas?!
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