Hybrid(AMD870 and nVidia GTS250) Card Recognize issue

So I have an nVidia GTS250 I want for physx and an AMD6870 for Graphics. When I plus the gts250 into PCIe slot 2 and AMD into slot one, only AMD shows up as detected, BUT when I Swap and make AMD in slot 2 and gts250 in slot one, they both show up just fine, but everything uses gts250 graphics wise by default... I am having the worste time making AMD card my primary and nVidia secondary. Any Help? Im on win7 Enterprise 64bit
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    Is slot 2 a PCIe x4 slot? Maybe your motherboard does not support two graphics cards. Also, I don't think that PhysX works well if you have an AMD card. I've heard things about it automatically shutting off when you try that.
  2. I got it to work, just kept the AMD in slot 2 and GTS250 in slot one, then had both plugged into one monitor, shut pc down, unplugged geforce from monitor, rebooted and let the system automatically make AMD my primary even in slot 2. Worked like a charm, renames a few file and did a couple benchmarks with Batman, gotta say, it is like a whole new game. Works flawlessly for me! even on a 600w psu!
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  4. Glad to see that you solved your problem.
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