Upgrade route (new build) from E8400 / GA-P35-DS3L / GTX280

Hi all,

Looking for some advice about a new build but specifically from a CPU point of view.

Current system
* E8400 @ 3.60 GHz
* Gigabyte P35-DS3L mobo
* GTX 280 gfx card

So it's coming up to Christmas and my rig is (note: for the last 2 years...) is feeling very dated. I tend to only upgrade / build a new system every 4 years or so, due to the fact that up until now, I've been a poor, poor student. This has also meant that I tend to buy upper low / lower mid range components (Except I did actually buy my GTX 280 when they were the 'best'!).

With Christmas coming up, I feel like I want to treat myself, but since being out of the overclocking / 'i luvz tech' scene for quite a while now, I feel a bit lost. I'm not too worried about graphics card suggestions (though they are welcome) as I can spend 1000 hours researching that and enjoy it. What I enjoy far less is reading about different CPU sockets and the apparent 50 routes I could go down. Since I can afford to splash out a bit more now, I'd like to get something that will still last me a while, but that I don't have to do a complete new build because socket X cpus are no longer produced when the time comes for another upgrade.

I primarily use my computer for gaming and the odd bit of video editing / processing, I just need some advice on future proofing. If there is a reason to wait, I can, I don't mind waiting for 6 months if something 'new' is coming out, i.e. Haswell, if you think waiting for that over, for example, a socket 1155 / 2011 i7 cpu would bes wisest.

p.s. I have no crazy RAID requirements and have no plans to run any GPUs in SLI.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Hi,

    Did I put this in the wrong forum? 15 more cpu related questions above mine with answers, should I change my title :D?
  2. well, you have the same rig as mine (tho i changed my 280 for a 7750), and a SB/IB won't feel *that* more powerful.. i'd wait for haswell, as always buying the most reasonable components instead of the betestststs, etc .. you should know all this since this is tom's.

    if you feel like spending, treat yourself to a 120Gb SSD, they come real cheap these days, apparently the difference is night n day.

    or you could get a new GPU that would eventually wind up in your new system but again, in 6 month's time you will probably have a better offering .. november has never been the month to upgrade, while march is THE month, as hardware prices come down from the hikes of the xmas season, ram especially.

    In the end buying a SB right now doesn't make sense .. wait a while and see what happens.
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