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hey, I had no where else to ask this but I was wondering if this processor I wanna buy:

comes with the heatsink and fan. im not sure how to tell.

Thank, Generalcckid
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    It should come with the heatsink/fan if its comes in that box and if its new. If its used then maybe the seller wants to keep it. Anyways new CPUs don't come with heatsinks or fans when they state OEM. I would prefer getting the OEM CPU to save some money and then buy an aftermarket cooler since that is a processor meant to be overclocked to bring out its max potential. You don't have to overclock it though I was just saying that because that's one of the purposes for the Black edition processors.
  2. thanks for reply, ill see if I cant find another processor without the black edition because ill never overclock. But for the fan and heat sink, how do I know what size I need for the processor? does the motherboard say the dimensions?
  3. Yeah it would come with the heatsink and fan. I wouldn't get that now - it's old technology and only going to get worse, get an i3 at a similar price, dish out a bit more for an i5, or even get 2nd generation AMD FX like a 6300
  4. There aren't really fixed sizes for different CPUs when it comes to motherboard dimensions. In truth, your computer case size determines what kind of CPU cooler you need, the motherboard just gives you the compatibility. By compatibility I mean like a LGA 1155 socket works with coolers that fit the LGA 1155. By computer case I mean if the heatsink is 170mm in height then you need a case that is much wider than 170mm. It is also fine to run the stock cooler at stock clocks.
  5. Hi :)

    That Advert doesnt say, so you need to ask which it is....

    OEM = No heatsink/fan

    RETAIL =do get heatsink/fan

    Don't go by pictures on Amazon...they are copied...

    All the best Brett :)
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