New Gaming Build - Advice of Suggestions?

I have selected the power supply gaskets, and anti vibration fan mounts. Also the 3 Ultra Care Options. Is this worth it?

Heard alot of bad stuff from cyber power. But alot seems to be from ppl buying the lesser quality parts. Only thing i a little worried about is the hard drive, I wish they gave the option to select the brand on that?

Any Advice or Suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. Not sure if the link worked, just took me to the configurator, but its all selected so i guess it did.

    I think the shipping foam is worth it. its like $20 insurance against shipping breakage. even though you can return it, why go thru all that heartache for $20. the other items i don't think are worth it. but its subjective.

    As for the items in the build itself, i like all your choices. the PSU i would go with Corsair or Thermaltake, i like them better than Cooler Master. the Corsair 850 has a free upgrade there... i would select that. but i'm sure the Coolermaster would be fine in the end. again, subjective.
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