Screen resolution problem with new gfx card.

I recently purchased a radeon hd 7850 2gb gfx card and installed it today, but when I put the resolution in 1920x1080 it wont go full screen. The thing is, it was just working fine in full screen with my old gfx card. When I go into safe mode 1080 works as normal... im pullin my hair out. I also cannot open the AMD vision control center although when I try, it shows the process " atieclxx.exe "running in task manager... Im going to try and reinstall drivers but was wondering if anyone knew of stable drivers from guru3d or something cuz the drivers from AMD site are seemingly installing successfully but aren't working correctly.

thnx guys..
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  1. Did you use driver sweeper to completely remove the old drivers before installing the new card?
  2. yea :-/ maybe i shoulda ran it a 2nd time or somethin to see if it missed anything.. i dunno
  3. the current driver version is 12.4. Would installing 12.3 be worth a shot?
  4. anyone? :-/ i tried installing 12.3 in safemode and everything said it was successful but still no good...
  5. Are you connected via HDMI? If yes, try other connection like DVI or VGA if your monitor supports.
  6. yea iv tried hdmi to hdmi and dvi to hdmi. neither work. ill try to find my old VGA cable. this is pissing me off :(

    the hdmi cords that I have are kinda cheap but they worked fine with old card so i dunno if that matters.
  7. Iv tried installing the catalyst software multiple times and in safe mode. software will not open so i cant make it to scaling options..

    ALSO! when I am in safe mode, it displays in 1080, but still wont when I boot in standard mode.
  8. My on board gfx is an nvidia chip. should I completely sweep those drivers too? or will that potentially mess more things up?

    sry. lots of questions.
  9. Yes, you should install onboard drivers. And just to confirm, you are olugging the video cable i to rthe new card right? Not on board?
  10. yea pluggin it to hdmi port on new card (also tried DVI to hdmi with same results). now when i start up, ccc.exe pops up like 3 diff times and asks if i want to allow it to make changes to the computer. I click yes each time but nothing seems to happen... could it be that my card is somehow faulty? it still plays all the games I want it to, but just in "fake" 1080 mode. it says its in 1080 on my 23" monitor even tho the viewing space is that of a 22"
  11. I also tried installing driver version 12.2 and managed to get it full screen, but windows AERO stopped working.. , I read that selecting windows 7 default scheme could possibly jump start AERO but I had no such luck.
  12. no one knows the trouble iv seen lol
  13. could it be that its a pci express 3.0 card? its supposed to have backwards compatibility tho..

    anyone think i should just return this card? I sooo want it to work cuz i HATE sending *** back. It just seems that no one has any idea why my screen would b running in "fake" 1920x1080"

    Are there any advanced ways to COMPLETELY remove ALL AMD software? Would registry values affect it?

    Are leaked drivers worth a shot at this point? and where is a good site to download them?
  14. A complete windows re-install would be the last thing i would suggest before returning the card.
  15. bah! reinstall is the total opposite of what I wanted to happen when I bought this card :(
  16. ok so i was lookn at the specs on my current mobo and I believe it only has PCI express 1.0.My card supports up to PCI express 3.0. Could this be why my resolution is buggy?
  17. No. PCI express is backwards compatible. Your issue is most likely buggy drivers (like always, from our dearest AMD). I'd suggest reinstalling windows. I know it might be a hassle, but that's the only way of fixing major driver issues.
  18. I just may do that
  19. can resetting the card back in the mobo help?
  20. welshmousepk said:
    A complete windows re-install would be the last thing i would suggest before returning the card.

    Just replaced gt 530 with gt 740 and it decided that 1024x768 was my native resolution when my monitor best supported 1366x768.

    I decided to take your advice and used windows 10 reset to reset pc to default, and everything is the way it should be >>>thanks<<<.
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