Lookin for the best bang for the buck for a psu and gpu. bout 300 bucks to spare. I need an ATX psu. Is coolmax a decent brand?
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    no its not

    seem to remember reading somewhere they had been selling 500w psus as 750w

    and even as a 500w it wasnt a good psu

    stick to corsair,seasonic and other good brands

    your whole pc relies on the psu so dont try to save too much on it

    edit--heres a quote from hardware secrets


    The Coolmax V-500 is a textbook example of why you should not buy a USD 20 power supply. Its inability of delivering its labeled wattage is not its worst problem. It presents lousy efficiency between 66.8% and 77.1%, its voltages are out of range, and noise and ripple levels are above the maximum allowed. A perfect weapon of mass destruction. Stay away.
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