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AMD FX 8320 vs i5 3330

So one of my friends recently decided that he wants to build himself a new gaming / some multimedia PC. He wants his build to pretty low budget, and narrowed the CPU down to either the i5 3330 or the AMD FX 8320 I recommended the AMD CPU, because, even though it gets about the same performance at stock clocks as the i5, it can overclock like crazy, while the i5 cannot. It's also nice to support the underdog. Would you all recommend the i5 or the FX, knowing he's going to be doing mostly gaming with some work in CS6 and video encoding?

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    ends 11/11 I5 3450

    Although better Black Friday deals are possible

    Either would do. If you want to overclock realize best results include better cooling and faster RAM, AMD does not support PCI3.0x16 yet, (but neither do video cards need it, yet).
    At which point why not spend it on a 3570K.

    But realistically 96% of the time no one will know the difference.
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    I would defo go with the FX8320 over both the i5 3330 and 3450, like you said at stock the performance is roughly the same however OC that FX to an EASY 4.5ghz and it will walk all over those i5s.
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