My new build wont power on


i had a new biostar h61 motherboard, a intel celeron sandy bridge processor, and 8gb of gskill ram put into my desktop and now it wont power on. the power supply has been checked and is not the problem. i called staples and their specialist said that places like them and best buy charge $70 or so just for diagnostics, then they ship it out for repair which can be several hundred dollars

is there some computer specialist i can have check this thing out and get it powered on without spending hundreds of dollars when ive already spent a lot of $$ for all the gear to upgrade my desktop's performance?
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  1. Well my suspicions is the motherboard, I have bought a few biostar motherboards and a few which were defective don't power on at all. Also try jump-starting your power supply by inserting a paper clip bent in to a v shape into a green cable hole and black cable hole. I would suggest disconnecting all connectors from the power supply when doing this, if it does turn on that takes away your power supply from your problem. List your entire build so I can get a estimation of how much power is needed to run the computer and list your power supply brand and wattage.
  2. the power supply is a bestec atx-300-12eb3

    the other hardware includes an old hitachi 7200rpm hard drive and a new unsuded asus dvdrw drive
  3. Well it should be enough for that build but your motherboard brand and power supply brand are terrible. Have you tried jump-starting the power supply? You wont get shocked or anything, i've tried it several times and as far as I can tell you its safe.
  4. thanks

    your like the 4th person in a row to say its probably a defective motheboard soooooooo

    im going to buy this and hope for a miracle
  5. I believe you will not be disappointed with Asus, I buy a lot of their stuff ranging from video cards to motherboards and I have not received a single defective one yet. I'm talking to you right now with an Asus M5A78L-M LX Plus and an Asus HD 7770 :lol:
  6. I don't know. Between a Biostar motherboard and a Bestec PSU, I would suspect the PSU first.

    The only way to really check the PSU is to replace it with a known good one of similar or higher output. A PSU tester can tell you if a PSU is bad. But because it cannot test a PSU under load, it really cannot tell you if it is good. How did you check the PSU?
  7. can i get a power source brand and model recommendation?

    and i had hardware people look at the power source for me
  8. Sorry about the delay, here are suitable power supplies :

    If money is limited the Antec one will do fine, if money is not then Seasonic is the way. Either way they are both good power supplies.
  9. right on!

    money is always limited but both of those brands numbers are lower than i expected

    i shot my first .40 calliber glock 27 today and after all of this military talk by the end of the day i was thinking "...maybe i should just play airsoft"

    aint nothin cheap these days
  10. Cooler Master? :ouch:
    Want to provide the specific model?
  11. i went with a 550watt cooler master to cover my ass just in case more upgrades are requied
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