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I just rebuilt my dell xps 420 after experiencing major graphics errors on the old system. I replaced everything execpt for cpu, gpu and the dvd and hard disk drives. I appear to be having the same graphics errors I had before. I originally switched out my gpu and that didn't appear to be the problem. Therefore the only major component I haven't replaced is my q6600 cpu. Is there any chance that a problem with my cpu could give me the messed up colors, vertical lines and other effects I have been seeing in certain programs?
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  1. To give some more details: The graphics errors are distorted colors in text and in pictures, horizontal lines and dots in certain windows, and general problems with 3d rendering. I replaced the 9600gt with an 8600gt and the problems persisted. I then replaced everything besides my processor with new components but the problems still persist. I even took the computer to a computer repair shop (intrex) when all of this started and they said it was the motherboard. I don't exactly have another lga775 processor lying around but it seems as if this problem must be the q6600. Maybe I can get my hands on an ati card to try out?
  2. With prime95 I am consistently getting errors in the 1st core of the q6600. How should I go about replacing the q6600 processor?
  3. have to fine someone that was selling the same chip. you power down the pc and unplug it from the wall and take the side cover off. next you unplug the cpu fan cable from the mb. the fan itself if it held in with plastic clips the easy way is use a small screw driver or nail and push the center pin out till the leg is loose. with all four loose the fan should fall off. if they use a screw type holer you have to remove the nuts on the back side of the mb for the heat sink to fall off. on the older 775 scokketts they just used a belly clip over the heat sink. those type you push down on one end and use a small flat bladed screw driver to lift the band off of one side of the clip. with the clip off the heat sink should fall off. if the vendor used thermal tape and not paste the trick is to slowly move the heat sink left and then right till the tape is broken. the cpu itself is held it by a pastick or metal arm.all you have to do is lift the arm up and the cpu will be able to be pull striaght up.before pulling the cpu use a felt pen and mark pin one on the scokket on the cpu top there be a gold dot or band or a notch showing where pin one is on the cpu. if you dont put the new cpu in right you bend the pins. with the new cpu in and locked down. you want to put a rice size drop of thermal past on the center of the cpu and with an old biz card or cc card use it to spread out a thin layer on top of the new cpu.
    this part is optional to you you can reuses the old heat sink and fan if the plastic legs are fine. myself i replace the heatsink and fan so i know that the fan would not fail on my new cpu. if it the 775 clip on type the trick is to put the clip on the side of the cpu you cant see first. then use a small jewlers flat head to lift the other side of the clip over the white plastic knotch on the cpu holder.
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