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If I wanted to install a 200mm Coolermaster fan onto the side of my case pointed directly at my 2 video cards would I plug that directly into the power supply? My power supply is an 850w TR2 Rx from Thermaltake.
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  1. The fan's connection I believe is a 3 pin connector which goes to the motherboard fan header. If you don't have any headers remaining feel free to buy this :

    Edit: Forgot to add, either way it will work and fans in general barely use any power from a power supply.
  2. Depends if you want to control the fan speed or not?
  3. ^ Oh yes, if you do connect to the power supply you wont be able to control the speeds. The 3 pin to the motherboard will allow you to change speeds. Either way that's a pretty silent fan (19dba) so I would not worry about noise level unless you are trying to sleep at night and you are sensitive to noise.
  4. Noise is never an issue. I wouldn't care if it sounded like a leaf blower, I'm just upset because I bought this PC less than a year ago and one of my fans needs to be push started. I also never use SLI because the main card gets to 90c+ and the other stays around 85c :|

    What if I get some kind of fan controlling device and then hook that up to the power supply?
  5. I don't think I know of any fan controllers that connect to the power supply. Perhaps someone else knows. Anyways you don't have any fan headers on the motherboard?
  6. I think I do actually.. lol I never looked this hard before but you seem so certain

    Sys Fan 1 is four pronged and Sys Fan 2 is three pronged but they are hidden under my second video card. So your saying those would suffice for plugging fans into? Also I have 4 case fans already, do you happen to know if its just 560tis that get hot or if I have poor cooling?
  7. Yep both will work, I have plugged in a 3 pin fan into a 4 pin header and it works just fine but at full speed. If its SLI 560ti's then its normal for them to get hot. If it's just one try getting a PCI Slot fan under or above the cooler.
  8. thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it lots :)
    I'm going to order some fans off amazon now and hopefully fix this situation. If not I'm sure I'll be back here asking questions again lol
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