Are there any good gaming micro atx cases?

Sometime soon i'm building a computer for a friend. He wants to keep it in the mini-itx or micro-atx range. So are there any really good cases on the micro-atx cases. he wants led lights in the computer and most of the cases i find are just solid black. I looked at the nzxt vulcan but their seems to be some serious design flaws with it. If anyone can give me a good recomendation it would be very appricated.
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  1. The Best mii-itx ever made is this one:
  2. I used to have a micro ATX case, it was made by cooler master, I'd think that any micro atx case with the standard two side fans and two top fans would cool about the same as a bigger case. You'd have to take the time to tuck all the PSU cables away though.
  3. i'm thinking right now the bitfenix prodigy. I was curious because of the expandibility
    of a micro atx. the thermaltake cases although are kinda what i was looking at are quite cheap looking.
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    Bitfenix Prodigy. :D

    Though I personally prefer the Silverstone PS07!
  5. ok then i will go with the bitfenix prodigy, but i will also give the option of the ps07 as it does look like a great case
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