PCI card suddenly died?

Hi there,

So today I go to turn on my PC and for some reason my WiFi PCI card isnt working, It says that the LAN connection adapter is not working properly.

I haven't touched the card and neither the drivers so any advice?

The drivers installer is saying there is no card installed when quite clearly there is.

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  1. Have you tried switching slots if you have any other ones?
  2. Sadly I cant, its a Micro ATX with only two slots, which dosnt help.

    The error code is saying that the Ethernet Controller has failed not the card, but why would that effect the card?
  3. Hmm, can you post your motherboard model up? I think we should start by uninstalling that driver and re-installing the new one from the driver website. In addition uninstall your wifi card driver and post that model up as well. I will look for a new driver. Also open up device manager and see if the card is recognized there. To open device manager just type it in the search bar for windows after clicking the start button
  4. Hi there.
    No WiFi card showing in the Devices
    Mobo: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4294#ov (Its a old one)
    Card: Addon ADD-NWP210

    All card drivers are gone, I will re-install the Motherboard drivers tomorrow.

    Very strange that it happens suddenly.
  5. Okay download the ethernet diagnostic tool provided under the gigabyte support part of your motherboard page. Let me know the results. Anyways corrupt drivers can happen randomly sometimes. I myself have never had corrupt drivers before though...
    Might help if you run driver sweeper to remove all traces of those old drivers prior to installing the new ones.
  6. I feel a bit stupid but I cant find the diagnostic tool you are suggesting, can you swing me a link?

    I will post a update tomorrow.

  7. http://download.gigabyte.ru/driver/mb_driver_lan_realtek_rtltool.exe

    Hope that link works anyways you do have windows 7 64 bit right? Then that's the link for 32 bit then it is this:
  8. Downloaded and tested everything, new drivers on everything.

    Still nothing.
  9. Have you another build to test the wifi card? If so put it in that build and see if its works. If it does not then I believe it's time for a replacement.
  10. I think you are right, it is only 10 months old.

    Thanks for helping troubleshoot.

  11. Hey no problem, I do feel kind of guilt since I could not help you resolve your problem so if you ever need help related to this thread or anything else feel free to send me a PM, I will answer you once I get the message.
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