PC won't boot, partition missing?

Hey guys.
I turned on my Aienware Area 51 ALX this morning, only to find that it showed this error, then shut down every time I tried booting:

I went to startup options (f12 at startup) and pressed f9 to restore to default settings, but that made things worse. Now my PC just says Grub error: Partition not found.

PS: Yes, I have Ubuntu as well as windows. It's been working fine for a year. I just got back from a 2 week vacation and this happened.

Can anybody help me out?

PSS: I don't have my windows/Alienware disk, so I can't restore from that.
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  1. This shouldn't be in CPUs. And this is because Linux was deleted. I have dealt with this before, usually reinstalling Linux does the trick.
  2. Exactly what does this have to do with CPUs?
  3. I'm sorry, posted in wrong section.
    How would I go about reinstalling Linux if my pc wont boot?
  4. Drr, reinstall linux? You can put your data on another harddrive.
  5. If you simple reinstall linux, but you would need a blank CD or DVD and another PC or Mac.
    1. Get On Another PC Or Mac That Can Burn CD's/DVD's
    2. Go To This Site And Download The x86 Or x64 OS: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop
    3. Burn The ISO To A CD (I'm Almost Sure The x64 Can't Fit On A CD, Try A DVD In That Case)
    4. Boot The Disk Onto The Broken Computer
    5. Fallow The Installation Steps
    6. You Should Now Have A Working Copy Of Linux

    If Linux Won't Install On Your Drive Do The Above Except Burn The ISO Here Then Boot To The Disk And Delete ALL Of Your Portitions And Make A New Portition Then Try Agin
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