Best $50-$100 Gaming Sound Card?

Hi. I'm in need of a new sound card and I was wondering what the best gaming sound card for under $100 is.

Thanks In Advance.
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  1. ASUS Xonar DX is the price/performance king right now. Above that level, you're basically aiming to show off or waste your money imo.
  2. I would not say that more money is not worth it. It all depends on what types of headphones or speakers that will be driven from the soundcard. If u need amping (headphones with 50-600OHM) they will get a great benefit and a much richer sound.

    Still there is no point in getting anything other than the DX/DXS if you will use fairly easy to drive headphones(they use the same good DAC and have the same surround abilitys that you need for headphones)
  3. Right now, the ASUS Xonar DX rules the sub $100 price range unopposed. The Creative Sound Blaster Z might displace it though (waiting on reviews).
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