PSU 650W enough for a AMD FX8120, 7970 Ghz Build?

Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. These forums have been a great resource of information for me for a long time.

If I could ask, I was hoping I could trouble you all for a little advice on my PSU situation and my new PC build.

Current PSU Corsair TX650M (

I was hoping my current PSU TX650M would support my new build but I see now it falls below the recommendations of the Sapphire recommended 750w PSU for their 7970 Vapor-X.

Here's the parts of my build that I've put together and its either in the mail or already here at this point.

PSU : CORSAIR TX650M 650W ATX12V v2.31 / EPS12V v2.92 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Semi Modular (Retained from current build if possible)
CPU : AMD FX-8120 Zambezi 3.1GHz Socket AM3+ 125W Eight-Core
CPU Heatsink : ARCTIC ACFZA30 120mm Fluid Dynamic Freezer
GPU : SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100351VXSR Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 3GB 384-bit GDDR5
RAM : 1x CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 (may get another pair later)
Motherboard : ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0 AM3+ AMD 990X
SSD : 1x Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F60GB3A-BK 2.5" 60GB SATA III
HDD : 1x Seagate Momentus XT ST95005620AS 500GB 7200 RPM 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s (Retained from current build)
Case : Corsair Graphite Series 600T CC600TM Mid-Tower Gaming Case

Here's links to the above parts in the same order, in case it helps:

If you all don't think the TX650M will be enough, I was thinking of going and and getting one of these: SeaSonic X750 Gold 750W ( )which is on an amazing deal today, but today only. So I'll order one of those by this evening unless you all don't think its necessary.

My build was made for a single solid GPU utilization, so I don't plan to do anything more than just the 7970 Vapor-X for quite a while. So I'm not looking for a PSU that can SLI/Crossfire in the future at this point. However, with I plan to play Planetside 2 and the new version of FFXIV ARR in the near future. Both games will have some serious GPU and PSU demands. I may do a little overclocking on the CPU and GPU, but I'm not certain yet.

Thanks in advance for any feedback/advice/recommendations on this!

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    It is plenty!
    This is what I get on Sapphire's site
    500 Watt Power Supply is required.
    850WattPower Supply is recommended for CrossFireX™ System.
  2. Oh heck, you're absolutely right! I should have checked Sapphire's site directly but instead went by what a reviewer site said Sapphire recommended. It may have even been for the 6GB version of the Vapor-X actually. Thanks Rolli!

    I gotta say, its still such a great deal on that Seasonic that its really hard not to buy it anyway... lol.

    Thanks again!

  3. Yes that Seasonic is a great PSU but you have a good one already.
  4. rolli59 said:
    Yes that Seasonic is a great PSU but you have a good one already.

    That's exactly what I needed to hear to help me keep my money in my pocket. Thanks for that rolli. Haha.

    It's a relief to know that the TX650M will definitely get the job done. I had purchased the PSU earlier than I should have based on my needs and long before I decided to pull the trigger on such a demanding GPU.

    If I could though, just so I can learn from this in other areas, I have another few questions more in the department of PSU selection in general.

    So I'm no Pro at this stuff, and most of my knowledge comes from friends who do know and information on the internet. I have no real schooling on these things. But I think a mistake I'm making is I'm assuming (first mistake, haha) that the high load wattage demands of each of components isn't a cumulative number that I should be referring to when I pick out a PSU? So as long as none of my components have demands for 600+W then I should be safely in the clear?

    Also will my new build be putting any stress on the TX650M? Or is it really a good fit for it in that area as well?

    Thanks again for all the information!

  5. You will be fine with that PSU but if you have not already bought this the FX8320 is a much better CPU power and performance wise than the 8120.
  6. PSU Calculator:

    Yes the wattage is accumulative but mostly on the 12 volt rail. Its really more about the amps not the watts but your PSU is fine with 54 amps on the 12 volt rail. Your build will be using about 400 watts with both the GPU and CPU at 90%. Should not have any issue with the TX650M.
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  8. rolli59 said:
    You will be fine with that PSU but if you have not already bought this the FX8320 is a much better CPU power and performance wise than the 8120.

    I was really tempted to do that, if I wasn't able to get a $20 off deal on the 8120. $130 was just too good of price for me to pass up a when I caught it a couple weeks back. I opted to short myself on the CPU a bit and instead flip it into a more serious GPU that I hope to get some decent mileage out of for awhile. At least, that seemed like a good plan. But a more serious CPU will definitely be the next step for me. I think I may give pre-built water cooling a try for the first time then too, since my new case will accommodate it so well. Its also a good excuse to trade this CPU to my Sister in the future for her PC and make a little cash back on it to flip back into a meaner AMD later. Haha.

    Thanks again for your help Rolli and James you guys are awesome!

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