Recenently upgraded GPU + PSU. Computer powers down on windows load.


I just recently upgraded my graphics card from my old 8400 GS to a radeon 6850 and my old PSU to a Antec NEO ECO 520C 520W power supply. I am currently running this on an older machine that I am planning on upgrading soon, I just wanted to get a jump start on my GPU since Diablo 3 release is very close.

Currently I am running on:
Intel E4600 @2.4 GHz
3 GB DDR 2
Intel DG31PR Motherboard
Windows XP SP 3

My problem is when I hook up my Radeon 6850 my computer shuts it self down as soon as it gets to the windows loading screen. When my PC shuts down, I have to turn off the PSU for a few seconds in order to reboot the system. At first I was able to get to the point of installing my GPU drivers, as soon as it started installing my computer starts to power down. I am currently running my old graphics card with my new PSU with no noticeable problems.

Everything I read says that PCI is backwards compatible so I am assuming that is not my problem even though my card is currently overkill for my current PC. I am wondering if this is more of an issue with my PSU or my GPU. Should I have went for a stronger power supply than I currently have? Is there anything else I can do to point me in the right direction to fix the problem I am having.

What I have tried so far:
Made sure Bios and motherboard drivers are up to date.
Made sure PSU is installed correctly.
Obviously I am hooking power to my graphics card.
Made sure to completely wipe all traces of nvidia drivers with driver sweeper before installing the new video card.
Turned off automatically restart on system failure to see if BSOD occurs(which there is none, system is just powering down)
Ran a system restore to before I installed the card and tried to install the most recent driver from AMD's website(which fully installed, but proceeded to shut down my system afterwards)
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  1. If you did not say you connect the power to the graphics cards, it will be my suspect because unexpected shutdown with no BSOD points to lack of power. But as you said you got it connected, the problem is more difficult to solve than I though.

    Have you tried to use the 8400 with your new PSU installed? Is it running fine?
  2. I am currently running my 8400 with my new PSU and there have not been any problems so far. I imagine the 8400 takes almost no power to run though.
  3. Interesting... true the 8400 does not draw much power but the 520w should be sufficient for the 6850. The Antec 520W have 1 x 6-Pin & 1 x 6+2-Pin. Try to remove whatever you connect the 6850 in & try the other one just in case there is problem with the PCIe power connector cable.
  4. I have tried both the 6 and the 6+2 pin, both have the same results.
  5. Do you have another PC where you can try the new 6850? It might be defective given that your new PSU works & able to power your PC with the 8400 in. If you do not have the 2nd PC, perhaps you have a friend you can ask a favor from.
  6. I may be able to try that later tonight.

    To update:
    I tried installing the card with a clean driver install again today. The system boots up and stays on when the driver is not installed. I downloaded the latest AMD driver and got to the point where i needed to reboot my computer to finish the installation. After that my computer started to power down again at some point during the windows load(either the logo screen or while logging into windows) I am able to boot into safe mode with no complications with the driver installed.
  7. I am not sure whether having XP is causing such misbehavior. I suggest trying older drivers like 11.XX and see if it changes anything. If it does, try progressing version by version. Good luck.
  8. I was unable to find anyone with a sufficient power supply to test my card, but I was able to try booting with a GTX 460 SE in my machine. My computer was unable to stay on for longer than a second with the GTX 460 SE installed w/o the drivers installed. Since this card requires less power I assume the problem is my PSU.

    I did try installing a bunch of older drivers and it produced the same results. I am going to swap my PSU for a more powerful one and see if that fixes my problem.

    Thanks for the help.
  9. I do not see the PSU capacity as the issue. specially if you are running okay with the 6850 when the driver is not yet installed. Have you considered upgrading to Windows 7?
  10. Did you uninstall the old nVidia drivers before you installed the HD6850? Remove the drivers and completely delete the device from your system. Then power down, install the HD6850, and power up again.
  11. This is almost for sure an XP issue. When I had purchased my GTX 460 last year it caused crashes win my win xp partition but not the win vista I had at the time. Newegg has Win7 Home Premium for 99$ often bundled with MANY useful options as "combo deals".
  12. Wouldn't an issue with windows/drivers cause me to get an BSOD error or an error in the event viewer? When my computer powers down I am unable to turn it back on w/o flipping the PSU switch. When i put the the GTX 460 SE the computer would not even power long enough to show my computer bios, it would light up for a split second then power down. Wouldn't a windows/driver issue give a BSOD or some sort of error in event viewer?

    As for the driver installation. I made sure to clean my system of nvidia drivers with driver sweeper/CCcleaner before installing the video card.
  13. Your symptoms are consistent with an overload of some kind, which should not be the case. Your PSU should have no trouble with that system. Of course, any manufacturer (even Seasonic, who builds that Antec model) occasionally lets a bad unit out, so it could be the PSU. Check all power connections. Could there be a screw or other conductive debris under your mobo or in the PCIE slot? Disconnect fans, and any secondary drives not needed to boot into Windows.
  14. RAM. I had the exact same issue on my old, the power supply was the main suspect. The system would power down when under heavy load (newer games) and I had to fully turn off power supply so I could start it again. However, after trying 3 different power supplies, I came to the conclusion that it's not the case. Then I just started randomly troubleshooting:

    First, I borrowed an empty hard drive and tried fresh windows install - didn't help. Then, I tried using memtest. After just 5 passes, I had 8 errors. I found out that two sticks of out 4 were faulty - took them out and that PC still works, gave it to my dad when I built my new machine. Never ever turned off for him while gaming again.

    It might be your issue as well, you can download memtest here:
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