Red Faction

Anyone played it? I'm downloading the demo right now- the Geo-MOD crap is supposed to be cool. The graphics don't look like anything special though.

-MP Jesse

"Signatures Still Suck"
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  1. I've heard that it's a pretty good FPS. Still, as a rule, I avoid any FPS that originated on a console (PS2 in this case). Console FPS's are rarely good.

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  2. No no! The game was originally designed for PC- it was ported to PS2. They developed it faster for PS2 because they forsaw an opportunity to make some cash.

    -MP Jesse

    "Signatures Still Suck"
  3. I downloaded the demo and I must say the destroyable environment is pretty awesome. The graphics are revolutionary but the ability to blow holes in walls sure is. I'll probably buy it when it comes out (unless it get horrible reviews).

    If you've got a broadband connection and a good video card I would highly recommend giving this demo a try. It's sweet.

  4. My only question is, is it multiplayer-enabled? I only play mulit-play. Thats why I have yet to buy Max Payne. Playing games by yerslef is just boring without someone to share it with. Thats why I don't play playstation!

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