Of Hooves and Horn

Just a bit of blatant self advertising ... music and words coming from my music studio (well shed really).

New upload in the next couple of hours ... the artists are in the family ... I just supplied the recording gear.

At least they are not on the streets I guess ...

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  1. Hmm, and here I thought I'd be hearing the Rawhide theme song once again :P.
  2. Bits reminds me of the old guy who narrates in diablo II ... funny how games effect people.

    The ramblings are totally unscripted ... Chardonnay inspired.

    The guy who talks is a Blizzard nut ... read "Beta Tester" and the guitarist heavily influenced by my music choices.

    I bought them a decent recording mic ... the rest is not my responsibility.

    Yamaha desk (12 channel) with an old Toshy A100 running the software ... I think my dog barks somewhere in there ...

    The latest piece is being uploaded a bit later ...

    I am not sure where they are going with the whole thing though ... kids eh?
  3. Whispering is good. Drummer, err cymbal player, is well a bit of a symbol. I could swear I hear a dobro. Also the finger picking technique is very good. Very good rey. I even heard a little Watchtower. Have Angus Young strap on the SG and do some 'Highway' ;)
  4. Quote:
    The ramblings are totally unscripted ... Chardonnay inspired.

    Yeah, I was having my first sip of coffee and couldn't catch, or comprehend, what he was saying. I crossed my eyes like I imagined his were and still couldn't follow. Some of the guitar parts were good for a wine induced episode with a six string. ;)
  5. He is actually a percussionist (teaches) ... taught himself the guitar and the mandolin.

    badge they:

    1: jumped 143 places on the national folk charts in 2 days (to 403 now;

    2. created thir own new genre;

    3. got offered a record deal if they go to the US;

    4. gamers like the stories.

    Wonder If I will get a cut for loaning them all my gear for recording ... probably not?

    heh heh
  7. With the 403 ranking they should be able to become gainfully employed playing local coffe shops. Maybe suggest they play for the homeless like at a coin operated laundry or two for tips and build up their stack. Be sure and bring the cymbal. When you ask for your cut and they tell you "get you hands off of my stack" take their tips jar while they are drunk, which is almost all the time, and suggest they play an old folks home or two for charily to improve to maybe 304 where the big gigs are available.
  8. Is that rotten wisdom tooth still giving you problems or is the prostate playing up again b?

    Did that cream I sent you get rid of that rash ??

    heh heh ...
  9. ...Dylan? Great.
  10. Dylan's voice wasn't too good last weekend at the West Coast Blues n roots Festival either ... his harp and keyboard playing were good though.

    The highlight for me was the little recyclable cardboard chair from Murdoch University and the first band - Ruthie Foster.

    Cat empire and Washington were good.
  11. Dylan in Ozstralia. I was never a big fan when he was popular. I did teach Knockin' on Heavan's door to a young high school student friend of my son's a couple of years ago. She got a job in a local coffee near Chapman University and played and sang Knockin'. She got a pen and paper and was writing down all the songs I was showing her. I lost her with Sammy's I can't drive 55. :love:
  12. Yes I still like to play it now GDAm ... GDC (Csus4) ...

    Do you play it in this key or use a capo or what badge?
  13. Yeah, first position. I don't sing at all. If I did I would sing Knockin' a lot. I used to have a lot of guitars, but I got old and sold most of them. I still have my American Strat and a custom Paul Reed Smith electric wise. Also a Fender Auditorium acoustic electric. I have a 100 watt Marshall and a small Line 6 practice amp sitting here next to me. It's always been a hobby. When I like a song, I learn to paly it. Then play along to the record. I should sell my Marshall. I never use it anymore. My son's best friend's father has a recording studio in his house. I haven't talked to him in while, but I used to go their band practice and mess around in the studio. If you show me how to play it I usually can. Not much of a showman really.
  14. I had an old 30W Marshall "Lead combo" with a MOSFET final ... it was bright and had plenty of punch ... more like a 50 really. Sadly the caps swelled and the preamp got very noisy so I traded it - got a Kuston wav212 instead with Celestian speakers.

    I have a Yamaha EMX2300 (old but in good order) for small spaces (200 W RMS?) and a smaller Ross PC4110 (120 W RMS?) to run the drum mikes.

    We have an old Samick BA 4012 for the bass but it is a bit sad.

    I am looking for some decent speakers as I only have a refurbished set of Jade small PA cans ... Bose would be the go I think ??

    the body screws on the Fender Strat are looking tatty so I am looking for a set of replacements for them to tidy it up a bit.
  15. Bernie Hefner is famous now. This is his guitar making company. Bernie built my custom Paul Reed Smith in his garage at his home back in the mid 90's when He worked out of his garage. I still have it. He repairs guitars of all kinds and sells parts. I was at his factory a few years ago and got a tour. He builds hand made guitars right there on site and sells his line of guitars around Los Angeles in a few choice guitar shops. I would like to have him restore my 1938 Martin someday. He may ship out to Australia if you needed anything.

    Check his list of clients. Long way from building guitars in his garage.
  16. Pic of my hand made custom PRS. Two piece flame maple top, mahogany back. Rosewood fretboard jumbo frets. Three custom Seymor Duncam humbuckers. Jeff Beck custom in the tail, '57 in the middle and a '59 neck. Hand made by Bernie Hefner before He open Edenhaus guitars.

    My Fender Auditorium acoustic electric. Spruce top.

    My '38 martin purchased new. It's pretty rough these days.
  17. Nice ... I don't have any pics ... I will take a phot of the wall where mine are hanging up ...
  18. Now number 10 locally and 341 nationally ...!/main/bes_chart?genre=folk&genre_geo=National&page=14

    Jumped another 65 places.

    Weird huh ??
  19. rey speaking of drummers, Mike Safron was the drummer for my childhood friend's band for more than 20 years around St. Louis. Back in the early 70's around the time we were graduating from high school, Safron and some others formed a local band and named it Pavlov's Dog. Well, they got lucky and had a chart making hit as well as their LP making the charts I believe. After Pavolv's puppy broke up, My friend hooked up with him for decades. Not sure what Safron is doing these days, but my friend still plays guitar for a living . I have met Safron many times.'s_Dog_(band)

    Their two chart making songs. You may have possibly heard them. From the early 70's.
  20. Nice stuff ... heard the second song I think ... memory is a bit blurry when ... 15 years ago maybe??
    The sound reminds me of a few bands ... singer is a bit unique but I like the guitar and drums more.

    The kids folk band now Number 6 in Perth and 197 nationally ... people like the stories I think ... ??!/main/bes_chart?genre=folk&genre_geo=National&page=8!

    We rerun all of the cables in the shed and setup a better mixer to cut down on the noise.

    They are using mandolin a bit for the next few i think ...
  21. Early 70's...almost 40 years ago. When I was in high school our neighborhood bunch had the best 'cover' band in entire city. They played the largest nightclubs and we all 16-18 years old! Well, I helped carry the equiptment and drank a lot at practices and played when my friend sat down the guitar and walked away in disgust with the whole thing. I was an ace at whole lotta love which was a song they did that is stuck in A pretty much for hours. My friend is a St. Louis blues/rock guitar legend by now.

    Jimmy Lee Kennet.

    Chuck berry's daughter Ingrid was the lead singer for one of his bands a while back.

    12th Annual Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute featuring the Steve Pecaro Band, the Tony Campanella Band, Jimmy Lee Kennett and special guests

    Of interest:

    Jimmy Lee Kennett is known as the Archduke of St. Louis Blues Guitar. Musicians on this video include Guitars: Jimmy Lee Kennett & Steve Scorfina. Bass: Bill Montgomery. Keyboards: Ashley Underwood. Drums: Fred Pierce. Steve Scorfina was a founding member of REO Speedwagon and Pavlov's Dog.,Item,603776898.html

    Note: when I click on the links I don't see the name of the band?
  22. Quote:
    They are using mandolin a bit for the next few i think ...

    I'm thinking 'hooves is a distraction and you are solely responsibly for playing the guitar, cymbal, mandolin and whisper vocals.
  23. No mate i can't even take credit for the music or stories ... though they read a lot of my scifi books and have listened to my work.

    The guitarist didn't even learn from me other than a few chord changes.

    He did music theory through school and I paid for private music tutors for him though ..

    Guess you could say I financed the creativity and enabled the means of production (little marxist aside there) but I don't feature in any of it.

    I don't even have a facebook account ...

    I wouldn't lie about something like that ... seriously.

    I'll PM you a copy of my thesis so you can check who I am.
  24. Well that's great of you to set up private lessons for someone. My personal experience with guitar teachers is that the best teacher for me is one who will ask what song I would like to learn to play. Bring in the CD, work to get our heads together and let Teach teach me how to play the song. Put theory and reading on the back burner and play like you mean it.

    Wow you paid for private lssons and now produce him with your equiptment. Draw up and contract and reserve 40% while you still can. He may have already contacted an agent and have a gig at Madison Square by now. Hey, there's and idea for your next scifi book. ;)
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