Anyone else having problems

anyone else having problems with win 8 metro apps cashing within a minute of them opening
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    The only Metro app I've had trouble with was the XBox 360 version of Solitare.
    And that was fixed with one of the latest updates.

    The Vimeo app will stop updating and need a manual restart from time to time.
  2. ive been having problems with all the apps from time to time
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  4. Is there any one in particular that's especially annoying?

    Are you running Consumer Preview on a virtual machine? Or normal install?
    I'm running mine installed, not on a VM.
  5. all of them

    customer preveiw on vm (which i think thats the problem)
  6. If you are using the Nvidia windows 8 drivers they crash like this when using any 3D graphics like Pinball or Solitaire. Stick to the Microsoft generic driver.
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