So after a very long time of no longer receiving any BSODs, I purchased a new graphics card (gtx680). The computer was running just fine until today when I got the bsod SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED
bug check code 0x1000007e
parameter 1 ffffffff`c0000005
parameter 2 fffff880`0f983ca3
parameter 3 fffff880`04045358
parameter 4 fffff880`04044bb0

My specs are i5 2400@ 3.1ghz, Msiz77agd65 motherboard, Corsair 850W PSU, 8GB vengeance ram.

Please advise me of what I should do. I have no idea of how to handle this issue and i feel like a sitting duck at the moment. I looked this error up and here is what i found

It basically said that the gpu was operating under heavy conditions but i dont know what that means. Does it mean that my PSU is not sufficient to support the gpu??? please help me!!
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